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Young-in biotech

1. Convenience

1) Usability design

2) User convenience through touch screen (10.1 inch)

3) New Applicator design (with Start/Stop button)

4) Easy separation structure when replacing the applicator

5) 5 Applicators with Variety of Treatment


2. Purpose of use

The use of shock waves and high-energy peaks has an overall medical effect that accelerates tissue repair, cell growth and pain-free recovery.

 3. Principle of action - Urology (prostatitis)

A treatment that remodels blood vessels and activates surrounding tissues by applying focused shock waves from outside the body to the painful area

 4. Principle of action - Dermatology

Youngin Biotech's extracorporeal shock wave stimulates fat cells to decompose cellulite and increase blood circulation and lymph circulation to activate our body's metabolism.

 5. Treatment

Skin regeneration, prostatitis

 6. Main effect

body slimming

Reduce hip fat (cellulite)

Improving lymph circulation

improve skin elasticity

facial skin regeneration


It is a procedure that helps blood vessels and bone remodeling, promotes lymphatic circulation, improves edema and cellulite, and has a softening effect on fibrous tissue.