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Middle Frequency, CALLA-MF

  • 6 different management programs
  • It is simple, easy to use en corder and touch screen
  • Soft stimulation, more momentum
  • Specialized obesity control program


  • New - style design and touch LCD
  • 8 channels are used to provide various programs (slimming, lymph, firming, cellulite, body lifting, pain)
  • Soft stimulation is used to provide the effects of muscular exercise and aerobic exercise
  • Specialized obesity control program for each body region (Partial Obesity, Total Obesity)
  • Various modes to choose


  • Slimming management
    Improves body contour by promoting the metabolism
  • Cellulite management
    - Improves bumpy skin on the buttocks, thighs, calves
    - Promotes the metabolism by helping blood and lymph circulation Effective for promoting the metabolism, fatigue recovery and helps you eat regular meals
    - Increases production of collagen and elastin
  • Firming management
    Improves elasticity of woman's skin tissues, muscles and body contour
  • Lymph management (Includes lymphatic drainage)
    - Maximizes the body's immune system with stimulating lymph circulation and is highly effective for waste elimination and improving blood circulation
    - Increases mineral absorption into the skin and helps you relax muscles to maximize the effect of massage


  • Pad (material: silicone) - 16 ea
  • Cable lead (material: PE) - 8ea
  • Band (material: polyester) - small 4ea / large 4ea


Power AC220V
Input Frequency 60Hz
Power Consumption 80VA
Output corrent 30mA
Dimension (horizontal) 380mm x (vertical) 406mm x (height) 987mm
Weight 15Kg
Timer 1~60min